Help your golf game at SHC

Our skilled physiotherapists at Speers Health Clinics will help you achieve your golfing goals by improving your physical health which will help limit injury and help maximize performance.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s post, Fit to a Tee, explains what a physiotherapist can offer you, in order to help achieve your goals.

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Children & physiotherapy

Our friendly and skilled physiotherapists at Speers Health Clinics are trained to provide evidence-based treatments to clients of all ages. Often though, we forget that children can also benefit from the services provided by physiotherapists.

As described in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s post, “Is Physiotherapy Right for My Child?“, some childhood conditions that could benefit from physiotherapy include: neurological conditions, hip dysplasia, development delays, and congenital issues.

If your child’s ever experienced a fracture, sprain, or strain, you know how badly they’re itching to get back to their regular activities. Physiotherapy can help the process of recovery and also strives to ensure that children won’t reinjure themselves!

A physiotherapist will assess your child’s condition in a fun and friendly way and let them know if physiotherapy is appropriate or recommend any other services that may be helpful!

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Physiotherapy fall prevention tips for Seniors

During the winter months, especially, more than 1 in 3 elderly Canadians (ages 65 and older) are more prone to falling, according to the Canadian Association of Physiotherapy (CPA). It’s estimated that 50% of those who fall will suffer from moderate to severe injuries (sprains, hip fractures, or head traumas) that can permanently reduce their mobility and independence.

In the CPA’s article, “Preventing Falls: Physiotherapists Provide Tips for Seniors”, more than 90% of incidents that result in injuries are predictable and preventable. Studies show that modifying the home and reducing hazards in the community, such as proper snow and ice removal in the winter months, can reduce the risk of falls by half.

When these falls occur however, even when preventative measures have been taken, physiotherapists (PTs) can help. PTs not only treat injuries, they also teach you how to prevent the onset of pain or injury that can limit your ability. A PT can help evaluate the home environment to identify ways to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Due to the fear of falling, there are many seniors that imprison themselves in their homes. By doing this, they lose the physical benefits of normal activities and may compromise balance and muscle strength, putting themselves at even greater risk of falling, even at home. A targeted physiotherapy treatment program can help maintain or regain strength, flexibility, and endurance in a way that still feels safe and secure.

A PT can develop a treatment program based on the seniors’ medical history in order to maintain or regain strength, flexibility, and endurance in a way that still feels safe and secure. The PT will determine a general physical condition and will conduct a series of tests specifically designed to measure strength, flexibility, balance and walking. After determining any limitations, a program of exercises and activities will be prescribed with an overall goal of improving physical function.

To learn more about preventing falls and how physiotherapy can help with the prevention, check out the full article from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

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We now offer Direct Billing!

Speers Health Clinics is proud to offer Direct Billing to insurance companies for our valued customers through TELUS Health eClaims.

Here is a list of the participating insurance companies offered through this service:

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • Cowan Insurance Group
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • First Canadian
  • Great-West Life
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Johnston Group
  • Manion
  • Manulife
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Sun Life Financial

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