Personalized Mobility Training

Our clinic’s philosophy is to help people achieve a rich, fulfilling life in their activities of daily living, work, and play. As part of that, Hailey Johnston, our Certified Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer offers a unique session for 1 on 1 personalized yoga or 1 on 1 personalized mobility training. Both offerings can be performed in-person or online.

These specialized sessions are for all ages and all levels. Each session is tailored to you and your body’s needs. This is a great option for anyone needing more attention on certain areas, for anyone recovering from an injury or with mobility limitations. The sessions provide the opportunity to ask questions, create body specific goals and work together on a more personal basis.

1 on 1 Session Service Fees

  • $60.00 per session
  • $330.00 per 6 session package
  • $600.00 per 12 session package

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